When people go back home, they take off their shoes and therefore, they take off their orthotics. However, to be really efficient and to feel comfortable you should wear your orthotics even at home.

Discover our indoors line with various styles and colors to find the one that is right for you.

All our styles have removable insoles that can be replaced by your own orthotics so that you can wear them at home.

They are made of soft and cosy material with cotton or wool lining to keep your feet warm and healthy.

Some of our styles are also designed with stretchable material at the front which leaves your feet free from any compression.

Paramedical line
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Extra Large

Substantial fitting-room to fit post-operative, diabetic or seriously swollen feet.

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Removable insole

It enables the replacement by personalized orthotics.

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Stretchable material

To protect sore feet on sensitive zones.

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Wool lining

Naturally warm and antibacterial.

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Great comfort

Less constraints for sensitive feet.

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Adjustable strap

For a perfect fitting.