Comfort line

Traditional shoes are usually not adapted for people who have deformed feet and/or have their own orthotics. People regularly take shoes one or two sizes bigger to place their orthotics but the fitting is not adjusted and can lead to even more feet disorders. 

To stay elegant, fashionable and at ease in your shoes while wearing your personalised orthotics, discover our comfort line with removable insole. You can replace them by your own orthotics and enjoy well fitted shoes.

Thanks to stretchable material that adjusts itself to the shape of the feet, you will not feel any compression on sensitive parts such as Hallux Valgus or hammer toes.

Most of our styles are made with On Steam® lining which is antimicrobial, with high absorption and thermal control. It leaves your feet dry and healthy.

Comfort Line
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More fitting room to protect swollen, painful or deformed feet.

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Removable insole

It enables the replacement by personalized orthotics.

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Stretchable material

To protect sore feet on sensitive zones.

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Leather with On Steam® lining

For a soft, durable and anti-moisture product.

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Great comfort

Less constraints for sensitive feet.

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Adjustable strap

For a perfect fitting.